Dragon Caves welcomes you

Dragon Caves is a project of 5550 NFTs that is set to be both unique and fun.

The most important job of any dragon is to protect its gold filled cave from the evil hands of men who wish to use it to do harm to the world.

As Dragon Cave owners that is your first and foremost job – to protect your gold. You protect your gold by protecting your Dragon Caves.

This means not letting your Dragons nor your gold fall into the hands of mere mortal men who wish to steal it, tax it and otherwise do harm to the world with it.

The more Dragon Caves you have, the more gold you start protecting. Gold on the Cardano network is known as ADA.

To begin protecting gold, you must visit the “protect your gold” link and read the instructions.

We hope you enjoy what is being worked on with this project and find it both fun and valuable.