Dragon Scales

Dragon Scales
Dragon Scales

Dragon Scales are the community tokens for dragon caves. You can get these tokens through purchasing and through taking part in our discord channel. All dragon holders who join our discord channel will also get 3500 Scales by default for each dragon they hold. If you do not receive your scales please reach out to an admin or moderator and we will get that taken care of.

Dragon scales are NOT a staking coin.

The value of Dragon Scales does not come from exchanges. If they are listed on exchanges you are free to trade them for whatever you feel they are worth however we will be backing their value based on products we are creating.

The first product we will be creating are plush dragon stuffed animals. There is currently no ETA as when these will be launched but we have been in contact with a toy manufacturer about this already.

A total of 1,000,000,000,000 Dragon Scales have been created.

If you are interested in purchasing Dragon Scales before we launch any products, we will be selling them for 3500 per 1 ADA. A minimum purchase of 35,000 (10 ADA) will be required. To purchase please visit our discord server and reach out to an administrator. Moderators will not be able to help with this.

Dragon Scales are registered tokens on Cardano through the token registry. You can find out metadata for the tokens at https://tokens.cardano.org/metadata/1f4df75f…