Upcoming Features : Dragon’s Adventure

One of the biggest and most unique features that will be coming out later this year for dragon caves is a chose your own adventure text based game called Dragon’s Adventure.

Dragon’s Adventure is a basic text adventure game with 50 levels that has countless stories and outcomes based on user selection.

The Dragon’s Adventure game will begin on level 1 and a user will have to spend 1 ada to start the game. Level 1 has 4 choices for the user to select from. Each of those choices brings the user to level 2 and each choice has 4 more options.

This means level 2 has 16 total options – 4 options form each of the four choices of level 1. Each level of play builds on the previous in the same way meaning that level 3 has a total of 64 options, 16 different paths each with 4 options.

In this way, every time a user plays the game it has a completely different path that spiders out as the game progresses.

If a user can make it to level 50 without losing their Gold (ada) , they will win that much ADA and it will be added to their account.

In order to keep Dragon’s Adventure fun we will only allow users to play the game one time per month. This will hopefully prevent anyone from determining the best choices from a profitability stand point. We will also encourage members not to leak the paths they have chosen.

This will also be a great game to sit and play with children to get them involved with collecting NFTs and earning and holding ADA.

Dragon’s Adventure will not allow save points, When you start, you must stay on the screen and continue until the game is played out or you will lose your ADA and have to wait until the next month to play again.

The game is currently being coded entirely in javascript and will take a considerable amount of time to develop.